Reading for Pleasure

At this time, reading for pleasure should be the focus with your children. It will create a world full of wonder while developing and widening their vocabulary.

We have tried hard to embed this ethos so our staff will read a picture book each night which will be published at 3pm and a chapter book which will be published at 3.30pm. The videos can be found on our YouTube Channel. If you click playlist the videos are dived into subjects to make it easier to view.

Supporting Reading at Home through OU Reading for Pleasure

Book Chat
Reading with your child can support them in developing a love of reading. The OU have come up with guides and videos to support parents with this. These can be found by clicking here.
Book Chat Guide
Book Chat Poster

Reading Aloud
Books for Topics 3-5
Books for Topics 5-7
Books for Topics 7-9
Books for Topics 9-11

Christmas Gift book list
Christmas ages 3-5 2020
Christmas ages 5-7 2020
Christmas ages 7-9 2020
Christmas ages 9-11 2020

Recommended Texts

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Story time
Story time 3-5
Story time 5-7
Story time 7-9
Story time 9-11

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Top Ten Storytimes – 7-11 years

Supporting Readers at Home Poster
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Picture Books
YR and Y1 picture books about fear and worry
YR and Y1 picture books promoting diversity

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