Dear Parents,

Everyone in our school strives to provide a caring, supportive and stimulating environment where the overall ethos is Christian. We have high expectations in both academic work and behaviour and every child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. In addition to the National Curriculum we provide many other experiences and opportunities for the children in order to ensure that they receive a broad and balanced education.

We don’t want our parents to be only satisfied or content with their school; we want them to be delighted by what we do for their children. We regularly seek their views and act on them.

We want our children to be safe and happy before anything else. We want to promote a joy of learning, a thirst for knowledge, a love of music, literature and the arts. We want to develop sporting and artistic talents, high self esteem and confidence, a caring and thoughtful attitude towards others less fortunate than themselves, an understanding of other cultures, valuing diversity but most of all we want to give every child their ‘passport for life’. Reaching high standards in all aspects of the primary curriculum gives every child a flying start in their secondary education and gives them the skills and knowledge, values and attitudes to do well in their GCSEs and beyond.

Our staff are highly trained and well qualified. They are committed and dedicated to their work. They give their time freely, for example in providing after school activities throughout the year. They want the very best for their children and work extremely hard to ensure that every child in their class makes very good progress and reaches high standards.

Education is about more than exam results though and our teachers are passionate about children’s personal and social development and dedicated to ensuring the happiness of your child. As a Church of England school, we promote Christian values which we believe give an excellent foundation for later life.

Excellence and enjoyment are our watchwords and these pervade all we do in school. Your child deserves the very best, a high quality education in a safe, secure, friendly and stimulating environment with teachers who really care.

Vision & Values

“Life in all its fullness”

Our vision guides us in all that we hope to be, enabling every part of our community to grow and develop. This means growing in body, mind and spirit in order to flourish and experience the joy and hope of, ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10.10).

As God’s theology inspired us in creating this vision (John 10:10), this vision inspires every member of our community to make effective choices in fulfilling their potential.