Year 3/4 Coronavirus

All the resources that are specific to Year 3/4 will be on this page. It includes present and past work.

Summer 2 Overview

Summer 2 Year 3/4 overview

Daily Essentials

The Daily Essentials list below shows what we would like children to do each day. Again, this is a guide as we know how hard it is for parents at this time.

Class Timetable

This week the work will focus on PE. We have also included daily activities for the children to do. There is also a transition pack which includes a PowerPoint and activities.

13.07.20 PE Year 34

Transition resources

Transition PowerPoint

This week there are also some resources for Talk for Writing.




We will post a Grammar lesson each week on a Wednesday at 11am.

Recap of statements and questions.

Daily Maths

We have created daily Maths questions for the children to do at home.

Year 3

13.07.2020 Year 3 Maths challenge

14.07.2020 Year 3 Maths challenge

15.07.2020 Year 3 Maths challenge

16.07.2020 Year 3 Maths challenge

17.07.2020 Year 3 Maths challenge


Year 3 Answers

13.07.20 Year 3 Maths Challenges – Answers

14.07.20 Year 3 Maths Challenges – Answers

15.07.20 Year 3 Maths Challenges – Answers

16.07.20 Year 3 Maths Challenges – Answers

17.07.20 Year 3 Maths Challenges – Answers


Year 4

13.07.2020 Year 4 Maths challenge

14.07.2020 Year 4 Maths challenge

15.07.2020 Year 4 Maths challenge

16.07.2020 Year 4 Maths challenge

17.07.2020 Year 4 Maths challenge


Year 4 Answers

Year 4 Maths Challenges 13.07.20 – Answers

Year 4 Maths Challenges 14.07.20 – Answers

Year 4 Maths Challenges 15.07.20 – Answers

Year 4 Maths Challenges 16.07.20 – Answers

Year 4 Maths Challenges 17.07.20 – Answers


June Calendar Maths Challenge

Year 3/4 Calendar Maths Challenge

Story Time

Story time 7-9

Past Timetables

Year 3 and 4 Tasks 6.04.20
Y3/4 Tasks 13.04.20
Y3/4 Work 20.04.20
Year 3 4 27.04.20
Year 3 4 04.05.20
World Class Schools Letter

Year 3 4 11.05.20 – R.E

Year 34 08.06.20 Geography

Year 34 15.06.20 Science

22.06.20 Art Year 34

Past Daily Maths

All the past Maths sheets and answers can be found using the year group link – Year 3 and Year 4.

Past Grammar Lessons

All the videos for the past Grammar lessons are here.

Online Learning

The NCTEM will release daily Maths activities for the children to do. There is a video for each day which is around 20 minutes. There is a teacher pdf to help parents.
Y3/4 NCTEM – Fractions- 20.04.20

The BBC have created some daily lessons for children to do during the day. The staff have looked at the lesson and made the grids below to show which lessons are suitable for the children. There are some lessons which are not appropriate for the children due to the content. When using the website please use the grids we have provided.

Year 3 BBC websites 20.04.20
Year 4 BBC websites 20.04.20

The Oak Academy
The DfE have sent details of an online platform which has daily videos to support home learning. As above, we have looked at all the content and choose the most appropriate content. We would ask parents to use the grids.
Year 3 Oak National Academy – 20.04.20
Year 4 Oak National Academy – 20.04.20