EYFS – A visit from baby Poppy!

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Today, we had a visit from a new baby, 14 week old Poppy! We had to be very quiet when she arrived as she was just so little and we were all so good at this. Baby Poppy’s mam talked to us about all the care that Poppy needed. She asked us if we thought Poppy could do anything by herself like go to the toilet, eat and get dressed, we all knew she couldn’t and that her mam had to do everything for her! Poppy’s mam showed us her changing bag, and the important things in it including: wipes, mats, nappies and spare clothes. Then we watched as Poppy had a bottle! She was so quiet and content. As soon as she had her bottle and a little burp, she fell straight to sleep in her Mam’s arms.

Thank you so much for coming to visit us Poppy!

Some quotes from the children:

“Mammy has to look after her she might roll over and hurt herself”

“I get in a big bath, Poppy is just little.”

“She is so tiny and cute.”