Adam Bushnell Nursery 2018

Adam Bushnell came to school today to work with us again. We were all very excited. First of all we all went into the hall to join the rest of the school there while Adam told us a really funny story about a monster and a Princess.

After that Adam came back into Nursery with us. We talked about  nursery rhymes and we sang some together. Adam showed us how we could change a nursery rhyme just a little bit by adding a different animal. Instead of ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ we made up a rhyme called ‘Snap Snap Crocodile have you any teeth!’ This was lots of fun.  Then we were all given a different animal and asked to talk about it’s colour and the noise it makes. This was lots of fun, although it was a bit tricky thinking about what sound a duck billed platypus makes!

Finally we sang ‘5 Little Monkey’s Jumping on the bed’ and again Adam showed us how we could change this and create our own songs. We sang ‘5 Big Hippos Jumping on the Bed’ instead!

We had a great time and we have all learned some new nursery rhymes!