EYFS Coronavirus

All the resources that are specific to EYFS will be on this page. It includes present and past work.

Summer 2 Overview

EYFS Summer 2 Overview

Daily Essentials

The Daily Essentials list below shows what we would like children to do each day. Again, this is a guide as we know how hard it is for parents at this time.

Class Timetable

This week the work will focus on PE. We have also included daily activities for the children to do.

EYFS 13.7.20 – PE


13.07.20 – EYFS Phonics

Daily Maths

We have created daily Maths questions for the children to do at home.

EYFS 13.07.20

EYFS 14.07.20

EYFS 15.07.20

EYFS 16.07.20

EYFS 17.07.20


EYFS Maths Challenges 13.07.20 – Answers

EYFS Maths Challenges 14.07.20 – Answers

EYFS Maths Challenges 15.07.20 – Answers

EYFS Maths Challenges 16.07.20 – Answers

EYFS Maths Challenges 17.07.20 – Answers

June Calendar Maths Challenge

EYFS Calendar Maths Challenge

Story Time Resources

Love of Reading 3-5 years

Story time 3-5

Talk for Writing Resources

Reception- Mavis the Magical Cat – 15.06.20

Reception-The Amazing Adventures of Max – 22.06.20

Reception – Mouse’s Adventure – 29.6.20

Reception – Max’s Jungle Adventure 6.7.20

PSHE Resources

EYFS Relationships Week 2 – 13.7.20

Week 2 Resource – Ways we care for special people – 13.7.20 

EYFS Relationships Week 1 – 6.7.20 

Week 1 Resource – My special people spidergram – 6.7.20

EYFS Transition Week 1

EYFS Transition Week 2

Social Story to support Transition

Past Class Timetables

All the previous weekly home learning timetables can be found here

Past Phonics

All the past Phonics worksheets can be found here

Past Daily Maths

All the past Maths sheets and answers can be found here