Safer Internet Day C4 17

We took part in a morning involving Internet Safety. During this morning we discussed how we are able to remain safe when using the internet and gaming. The children had in depth discussions around key rules to follow when going online and what to do if they felt uncomfortable with something. This led us into designing four key questions we believe are crucial when taking pictures of ourselves or our friends/family. From this we put this into practice by taking photos of each other, ensuring that we couldn’t give any information away by our clothing, the building or by our names. Alongside this, the children designed their own emoji or drew a picture of themselves (more of a selfie idea), this was then surrounded by key features to remain safe on the internet.

Once break was over, the children were asked to design a picture which would be safe to post online and then use three statements about how to remain safe online, as well as why their picture was safe for others to use.

Throughout the morning, the pupils fully participated, had great understanding about how to remain safe online and enjoyed sharing their emoji/selfie desgins with each other.