The Auckland Project

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UN Convention on the Rights of the Child links:  Article 28 – You have the right to a good quality education.

We have been extremely lucky this term by having the opportunity to work with the amazing Auckland Project. Their mission is to ‘bring stuff to people – not to take it from them and give them an experience which will attract many more visitors.’

Our first time meeting the team, was in our own classroom. One of the education team came to us with a range of mining artefacts. We had to put on special gloves to handle the objects. We were able to touch, smell and ask a range of questions about them. We took lots of pictures so that we can investigate the artefacts more in our next couple of history lessons.

Next, we went to the Auckland Project in Bishop Auckland. During our visit, we were shown around the Mining Gallery. The pictures were amazing! We then got the opportunity to create our own using shoe polish image. It was great fun but really messy! During the afternoon, we got to create a picture based on the famous artist Tim McGuinness. We drew the picture then scratched the picture into plastic. We used the plastic to cover in paint and then used a machine called a ‘Press’ to create an image.

One child said, “Tim’s pictures are very blue, is that because he is sad?’

Another said, “I can’t believe that many people died in one disaster. His wife and children were left behind. How would they survive?”