Class 4 Roald Dahl Week

On Tuesday 11th September, we finally got the chance to recreate our fantastic chocolate designs. As we have been celebrating Roald Dahl, we have spent some time in the afternoons designing a chocolate bar and wrapper. We all had very different ideas, one included caramel surrounded by ice dipped in all three chocolates. With all the rest wanting a mix of chocolate, sweets, popping candy and coconut. But today, we were excited to finally make the chocolate. We all made our way into the hall where there were three chocolate stations and a sweetie decoration station. We filled a cake case with whatever chocolate we wanted (and as much as we wanted!) The final step was to pick our decorations for the top.


On Wednesday 12th September, we all came dressed up as it was Roald Dahl day. We had a range of characters from Matilda, Mrs Trunchbull, Willy Wonka, Sophie and the Enormous Crocodile. We spent part of the day playing Roald Dahl games, including Mrs Trunchbull’s commands and we tried imitating a range of characters through dance. After lunch, we went into the hall to show the rest of the school our outfits including finding out the best dressed in each year group.

Some of the children said, I will be really good at the commands as I am Mrs Trunchbull, I love Roald Dahl day; it is always great fun, I like playing fun games like this, this is the best day, I want to eat mine now, I can’t wait to taste the sherbet in my chocolate, mine has stated to go hard and crumble, I want a little bit of everything.