On Monday 12th of November, we were visited by Barnabas and a nice man who taught us about the war. He started the day by telling us the story of how The Great War began. A few of our class got the chance to act like the countries that were involved and make alliances with other countries.

We were told two bible stories about friendship, forgiveness and peace. We then looked at the how soldiers were trained for the war. We learned how to march, and how to survive in war time. We then sat down and looked at how the trenches were used to fight on the fields of France. The man was so knowledgeable and even showed us some of his grandad’s things from the war. We then learned about Geoffery Kennedy, a medic in the war, who was very concerned about which side God was on. He decided that God was so busy with the souls of the soldiers that had been lost that he chose to serve God by saving as many men as possible. Despite the side they chose, Geoffrey would save men from Allies or Germany. It was truly an inspiring story.

One Child said, “It must be so hard for children and families in the war.”

Another child said, “I would hate living in those conditions. They really did risk their lives.”