A visit from Cloud Singh

First, we went into an assembly and met Cloud. He gave us a little insight into his religion and we asked him some questions. One child asked him, “Why do you wear a that on your head?” We found out that Cloud wears his turban so that others know that he is a Sikh and that he is always there to help others if they need it.

Later in the day, Cloud came to visit us in our classroom. We asked him lots of questions about his religion. One child asked, “Do all Sikhs wear a Turban?” Cloud replied saying that it is their own individual choice.  “Why are you a Sikh?” Cloud told us that he chose the religion after 35 years of searching for the right religion for him. Another child asked, “What festivals do you have?” Cloud replied, we have two big celebrations and little ones when the 10 Gurros were born. Another asked, “Do you believe in more than one God?” Cloud replied, that there is only one God but God is everything.

We were then shown some Sikh items including a comb and some bangles, just like the ones that Cloud was wearing. We passed them around and loved looking at some items that we had never see before.

Thank you for visiting us today, we learnt a lot about the Sikh religion!

One child said, “I can’t believe there aren’t any rules.”

Another said, “It is amazing that you make your own rules.”