Sport Relief Class 4 2018

For Sport Relief the day began with a great assembly which was organised and delivered by the pupil parliament. They told the school all about what sport relief was, who it helped and how we could raise money throughout the day. At the end of the presentation we were joined by Manchester City and England women star, Steph Houghton. She told the children how she had wanted to be a footballer and the children asked her questions such as who inspired you? And what would you like to do when you retire? After this, our day of sporting activities started with a KS2 fit for life session which was organised and delivered by the sports crew. The children worked hard for over 30 minutes doing a variety of movements including squats, press ups and lunges. At the end of this the children were very tired. After lunch we returned to the mugger and took part in a penalty shoot-out and an endurance running event which we collected money for. Overall it was a great day and all of the children went home very tired!