Safer Internet Day Class 3

As part of E-Safety day, we worked together as a team to help us become safe. First of all, we shared lots of ideas of how we could be safe online and put them into our circle map. We discussed our ideas with our tables, the ideas we shared for our circle map included, not sharing our passwords or personal information, telling an appropriate adult if we were unsure of something that had happened, don’t open anything from an unknown source and to never speak to someone you don’t know. Children worked in teams to answer scenario based questions, where a lot of the response to them were to find an appropriate adult to tell and ask for help them

To consolidate our learning about online safety we designed our own emoji and jigsaw piece, these designs included something we had learnt today.

A child said, “We shouldn’t open anything suspicious.” Another said, “We should speak to an adult if we are worried about anything.”