Mr Waugh Class 3 Autumn 2017

On Thursday 23rd November, David Waugh visited us in Class 3. He came in to take us on an adventure through one of his books, Girls Can’t Play Football. The title caused a few sparks to start with and our debate began immediately. Whilst reading, David stopped at certain points to question the feelings of characters throughout the story. We jumped in the hot seat and put on Lauren’s football boots and thought about the events of her first game. We asked her questions about what happened and what she might do next.

David engaged us with his relatable story. We will be continuing to read his book in the coming terms and finding out whether or not Lauren will let the bullies shatter her dreams of playing for the school football team. Class 3 are very grateful for David’s insight into his book.

A child said, “I think they will be embarrassed.” Another questioned, “What do you think the bullies whisper about you?”