Justice KS2

Today, we discussed what the word justice meant in our teams.  A child said, “If someone has done something good.” Another child explained, “Punishing someone that has done something wrong.”

We then discussed that justice also has a different meanings, it can also mean that everyone deserves to have equal rights. That everyone deserves to have the same, this is linked into the UN Rights Respecting articles.

In our teams, we had a cup of water and an egg, we named our egg and placed into the water. In teams, we discussed what that person may feel like having no support and sinking to the bottom of the cup. One child said, “I think they will feel disappointed because they don’t have anyone.” Another said, “They will be sad.”

Then, we were given some salt to represent life, happiness and friendship. Some groups were given more than others. Someone said, “That isn’t fair, we don’t have the same amount as other groups.”

Once everyone had the same amount of salt in their cups, all the eggs floated this showed that having support from friends and family can help is achieve and be equal.

We then had a group discussion about how justice does sometimes link to people being punished but can also mean that everyone deserves to treated fairly.

Amos 5:24 – But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream