Cricket All Stars Class 3

Today, Friday 9th March, Darren Brown from Cricket All Stars came to visit. He started the afternoon with an assembly for Year 1, 2, 3 and 4. During the assembly, Darren explained what you would do and get if you signed up to the Cricket All Stars 8 week program, Francesca modeled the bag, cap, t-shirt, ball and cricket bat while Darren explained that all of this was included.

After the assembly, year 3 & 4 had the opportunity to have a cricket taster session, we split into two groups with the first group concentrating on our underarm bowling skills and the second group had to dribble the ball using the cricket bat through the planets. To finish the session, we had a team competition to see who could hit the space shuttle the most with our underarm throw.

A child said, “Cricket is fun, I play with a girls team.” Another said, “I managed to bowl the ball and hit the space shuttle more than once.”