Fair Trade Fortnight

Christian Value link: Compassion, Respect, Koinonia

British Value link: All

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child links:  Article 32: You have the right to protection from work that harms you, and is bad for your health and education. If you work, you have the right to be safe and paid fairly.


Today, we learnt all about the meaning of “Fairtrade”. We even found out the Fair Trade aren’t the only ones out there that are trying to protect the farmers. We talked about some families that have to work very hard and don’t get paid very much, meaning they can’t afford lots of things that they need.
Then we talked about ‘Fairtrade’ and that means giving all people the opportunity to get paid a fair price for all the hard work that they do. We found out that lots of the foods we eat are fairtrade like, bananas and chocolate. We have even tasted a range of Fair Trade chocolate!
We have taken part in lots of activities for Fair Trade. The best was using all the wonderful Fair Trade products to make cakes and biscuits. We sold these after school to raise money for Fair Trade.
Quotes from the children;
One child said, “I don’t think it is fair that they work so hard and get little money.”
Another said, “I am please we are working hard to raise money.”