Bowes Museum Visit

Wow! We have had a great day at Bowes Museum. Someone us have never been before and were shocked at the size of the building.

We started the day meeting our leader and making our way on to the artefact room. Gemma put us into groups and gave us a range of artefacts to investigate. We were asked to investigate what it was made from, what we thought it was used for and who would use it. After each group investigated the artefact, we discussed our finding with the class and Gemma. After dinner, we made a Roman head pot out of clay. This was amazing. We were given some clay which we needed to firstly mould into pot then add the features of a face.

To finish our day we were invited to watch the famous Silver Swan. We heard lots about how the Swan dates back from 1773 and over the last century has become the icon of The Bowes Museum.

One child said, “Mrs Cannings, I’ve actually made a head pot! I can’t believe it!”

Another child said, “The glass pot looks amazing, it is a shame that only rich people get them.”