Tell A Fairy Tale Class 3/4

Once upon a time,  in a school not so far away, a group of junior children developed their story telling skills in order to please a lively, excitable infant audience.

Having looked at the genre of fair tales all week, the junior children were placed in mixed age groups. Their task was to work together to decide which fairy tale they would tell the younger children and how they would do it. The air was alive with excitement as roles were chose, scripts were made and the most elaborate props were carefully crafted from sugar paper and string!

Finally, it was show time. The infants settled onto their wriggly bottoms as each group took a turn to share their fairy tale, which range for the 3 little pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk, right the way through to Rapunzel. There was laughter, cheering, audience participation and even some musical accompaniment as the actors and actresses delivered Oscar worthy performances. One child said, “The 3 little pigs were really funny with their squeaky pig voices!”