Class 3 World Thinking Day 2016

World Thinking Day

Class 3 celebrated World Thinking Day by designing a superhero whose only mission was to make people happy. We kitted our superheroes out with gadgets and gizmos galore including healing powers, emergency tickles, positive thought throwers and the ability to burp rainbow confetti just to make people laugh!

As we shared our ideas with one another we realised that the powers we wanted our heroes to have we’re all of the things that our friends and families did to help us feel happy. We discussed times when we’d felt happy, the people who’d helped us to feel that way and thought about how thankful we were to have such special people around us.

The children choose a happiness superhero who was always there for them and made them smile. We discovered they had a fabulous repertoire of comedy accents and in their best Australian accent they told us, “I can’t believe I’m a happiness superhero!”