Class 3 Safer Internet Day

On safer Internet Day Class 3 discovered that it’s really important not to talk to people that you don’t know when you are online. We watched a short video which showed us that sometimes when people are online they pretend to be someone they are not. During our whole class discussion we realised that we should never share our personal information when we are online, however nice a person might be.

We looked at a range of ‘selfie’ images and talked about how it might feel is someone posts comments that aren’t very nice. This helped us to understand why it’s just as cruel o type mean things as it is to say them to a person’s face. We practised writing postie messages and positing them beside images.

By taking part in an online quiz we tested how safe we were on the internet depending on the choices we made. A child told us, “If someone is mean to you online you shouldn’t say mean things back, instead you should tell a parent or someone that you trust so they can sort it out for you.”