Class 3 Blue Reef Aquarium

Today, 15th June, we all went on a trip to the Blue Reef aquarium. When we first arrived we were told the timetable for the day, which included a seal show. First, we went around the aquarium looking at all the sea life, we even saw two baby otters and monkeys. We took plenty of photos and wrote down facts relating to these animals ready for out computer and science lesson. Next, it was time to sit down and watch the seal show, we saw the seal have checked over, including them getting their teeth brushed. They jumped out of the water to touch a ball, hoop and then they danced in the water. After dinner and the seal show, we went down onto the beach. While on the beach, we had some races, built some sandcastles and wrote out names out. Some of us tried to make our name bigger than everyone else’s name. To finish the day, we went into our shark workshop, it was amazing. The lady told us lots of facts about sharks and asked us lots of questions, including if we knew the biggest sharks in the world. The best part was being able to feel the teeth and skin of some sharks. We had to be extremely careful and they were really sharp and old. We had a fantastic day and can’t wait to research some more facts about the fish we took photos of.


The children said

“Those teeth were so sharp”

“I can’t believe this is a tooth from a megalodon, it is so light.”

“These monkeys are so cute; they are chasing each other.”

“That fish is trying to get out of the water”

“There is only one female clownfish in that whole tank and it used to be male”