Fire Brigade Visit

Today, Thursday 1st November 2018, we had the fantastic opportunity to meet some of the team from Sedgefield Fire Brigade. We all went into the hall to discuss the dangers of bonfire night along with fireworks. Firstly, the team shared the ‘Firework code’ with us and we were reminded about the following tips: an adult should only handle a fire, they should only light the sprinklers, no-one should return to a firework until it has gone off and that we should keep all pets in the house.  We were given advice on the safe way to use sparklers during bonfire season, this included: wearing gloves, keeping them at arms length and making sure we place them in a bucket of water.

One child said, I can’t wait for the firework display. I will make sure to wear my gloves. Another replied, make sure you don’t go too close to them.