Adam Bushnell Class 3 Spring 2018

On Thursday 11th January, Adam Bushnell came in to visit the school. We always look forward to when he comes into the school and inspire our writing.

The day began with a collective worship with a twist. Adam told us a fantastic story about a princess being taken away by a suspicious monster character. The princess was finally saved by a team of superheroes but the monster I’m sure will make a return soon.

In the afternoon, Adam came into class and talked to us about toys through time. We looked one of the oldest toys in the word – the board game. From this designed a board game based on something that we are interested in. We used our themed board game to create a story. The roll of the dice determined the story.

Thanks again Adam for a fantastic afternoon!

One child said, “Mine is unicorn themed.” Another commented, “Mine is mine craft themed and I have an Endadragon.” While another stated, “I put a trap right at the end. You have to go back to the start.”