Pets At Home C2

On Thursday 19th January, we were visited by Pets At Home. They brought Angel along with them. She is a 12 week old rabbit. She was extremely friendly. She wandered around the hall and got to know some of us really well. Her fur was so soft. We were able to ask lots of questions and found out so much information about rabbits.

Some of our facts were:

  • They eat lots of hay to keep their teeth short.
  • Their teeth never stop growing.
  • They like to eat lots of vegetable but this is their treat.
  • You shouldn’t feed them too many vegetables with lots of water in such as; lettuce and tomatoes.
  • They need regular health checks. You even have to check their bottoms.
  • They live both indoors and outdoors depending on the temperature.
  • They can live up to 12 years

Also, we split off into groups and we got to hold a guineapig. The kind ladies brought three along – the dad and its two children. One of them pooed on our cardigan. It was funny and easy to get off. We found out lots of different facts about guinneapigs too, including:

  • They only live inside.
  • Their teeth also don’t stop growing.
  • They like to eat nuggets and hay.
  • Some are tri-coloured.

It was such a fantastic experience. We would like to thank Pets At Home for coming in to see us.