Sports Relief Class 2 2018

On Thursday 22nd March 2018, we took part in Sports Relief 2018 to raise money for people with mental health problems by taking part in lots of different sporting activities. There was Fit for Life where we went onto the astro-turf and did lots of squats, lunges and burpees. It was so hard but we had lots of fun taking part. We also had to run 1 whole mile throughout the day which was 4 laps of the bottom field! It was tiring but we had so much fun running it with all our friends. In the afternoon we got to take penalties at Mr Hart and the winning boy and girl got sweets at the end. But the best part of the day was the skype call with Steph Houghton England and Manchester City women’s captain and Mr Houghton’s sister. We found out lots of information about her, about which teams she had played for, who her favourite player was and how many goals she had scored. We also found out she had to use a lot of endurance when recovering from really nasty injuries so she could come back stronger and fitter than ever. We had such a great day and we cannot wait for another day like this.

A child said,”It was so fun skyping Steph Houghton.” Another commented, “I was so pleased to win my prize, I’ve had such a fun day.”