Royal Wedding Class 2

On Saturday 19th May, Our Prince, Harry, and his soon to be princess, Meghan, are due to be married. We took this special occasion to have our very own celebration. We started the day bringing bags full of delicious food as we dressed in our smartest clothing. We were ready for the wedding of our little bride and her smart groom. We paraded to our church – St Michael’s – whilst flying the Great British flags.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Father Michael who performed the ceremony. We heard the declaration to the law, the exchanging of vows and the swapping of ‘friendship bracelets’. We know the circle represents a never ending love. Also, we watched the bride and groom sign the certificate declaring their want to be ‘really, really good friends’. A kind woman from the Northern Echo caught this moment on camera. You should check it out!

On our arrival back to school, we completed a class quiz. Congratulations to team ‘Rose Gold’ who won. It was so close! We learnt lots about Harry and Meghan and other members of the royal family.

Finally the afternoon was finished with a whole school party. We ate amazing food, listened to music and played games and sports. We had so much fun! You should hear our performance of ‘The Greatest Showman’. We were brilliant!

We would like to wish Meghan and Harry an amazing day and hope they have half the fun we had.

Here are the quotes that the children said throughout the day. 

  • I loved being the best man. Mr Houghton said I did a great job.
  • Freya looked beautiful as the bride.
  • I loved singing the Greatest Showman.
  • Meghan was an actress but now she will be a princess
  • I hope she likes him and doesn’t just want his money.
  • Today was my favourite. I loved the party and playing football with the juniors.
  • The Queen is Harry’s grandma.
  • Meghan comes from USA but they are having the wedding here in England.