Pink Gym 2017

On Monday 9th October, we went to Spennymoor Leisure Centre as part of our Gymnastics Festival. We went to the “Pink Gym”. Everything in there was bright pink. First of all, we introduced ourselves to our amazing helpers who were apart of South Durham Gymnastics Club. First of all, we did a dance routine on the spongy floor to get warm. It was very bouncy. We then split up into boys and girls groups where we were able to test our all of the different equipment. We showed we could do forward rolls, jump off bars, pull up, swing from rings and be brave whilst jumping into a sponge pit. We were even allowed to swing on a rope, bounce on trampolines and walk along the long beam. It was such a fun morning. We can’t wait to go again.

A child said, “I am really strong.” Another commented, “I was really good at balancing on the beam.” Some else said, “I loved jumping on the trampoline.” While another shrieked, “I could beat Mr Houghton.”