OAA Hardwick Park Class 2

On Thursday 3rd May, we were so excited to go to Hardwick Park. We kept our fingers crossed for a nice day and we got it! It was lovely and sunny. We took the short journey to Hardwick Park where we were greeted by the fantastic members of the SSP. The ducks in the park really wanted to be our friends.

We were there with 2 other schools and we three amazing activities to do.

The Bear Hunt

Firstly, we started the day with the bear hunt. We were challenged to run all the way up the hill without stopping. We managed to do this (and we also missed all of the rabbit holes). When we got to the top, we split up into groups of three where we had another challenge. ‘Active Annie’ could not find her brother ‘Active Alfie’ so we had to help. We looked carefully at the picture cards to find the letters which would make the secret word. We ran all around looking for trees, benches, bins and chairs. Once we got all of the letters together, we realised the secret word was ‘tennis’. But don’t tell anyone. We then set off to find ‘Active Alfie’ in the long grass. But what we found wasn’t just ‘Active Alfie’ it was all of ‘Active Annie’s’ friends and cousins. We had great fun thanks to Diane, Janet and the sports leaders.

Team Building

Afterwards, we went to the tower to complete some team building activities. We got together in a huge circle and we had to move the hoops around the circle. But we weren’t allowed to let go of each other’s hands. You should see our photos; it was really funny. Next, we split up into smaller groups to do the same but we had to move the hoops round in opposite directions. This meant somebody had to get through two hoops at a time. This was a little tricky but we still managed to do it. Our next team game was throwing coloured spots into hoops. We were so good at this one team got 9 points. What a score! We finished this activity by hiding another team’s spots and we had a race who could find all of their spots. Well done to the blue team they were super quick! Thank you to Craig and Gareth for their really fun activities to help us become a better team.

Bug Hunt

Finally we finished the day with the bug hunt. Michael and Ben helped us find some small and some big bugs in the wooded area. We had to look really carefully because some were hiding really well. Eventually, we managed to find them all. Next, we went on the search for coloured letters. These coloured letters helped us build some words of the bugs. Once we made the word we were asked a question. If we answered, the question correctly we could get a golden ticket. Unbelievably, each group got all 5 golden tickets. We learnt all about spiders, wasps, crickets and ants.


We had such a fantastic day and cannot wait for our next trip. Thank you to everyone who helped us today and we hope to see our new duck friends very soon.

Here are some of the quotes from the children throughout the day:


  •  I knew that Roald Dahl wrote ‘Billy and the Minpins’ for a bonus point.
  • We were so quick to get all the letters and I figured out the word was ‘tennis’.
  • I did really well to get through both the hopes.
  •  I loved working with my team.
  • I nearly got lost in the long grass but at least we found Alfie.
  •  I got tired running around the park.