Justice Class 2

We discussed the similarities between the word justice and fairness. It is always important to be fair. Having watched a clip where three people were struggling to make a situation fair we came up with a lot of suggestions and reasons to why this would ensure fairness such as; we should help someone if they are injured, being small doesn’t mean you aren’t strong enough, sharing is a good thing and it is best to carry the stuff that you bring.

We then took fairness into a game scenario but the game Mr Houghton had set up wasn’t fair. Not all the groups were the same size, one team had way more bean bags, another team had to run a really far distance whilst a different team had a huge hoop. We discussed the importance to make these as equal as possible for it to be fair.

We also discussed the rewards for the winning team and that it was ok that they got the most dojos but we thought it wouldn’t be fair for the losing team to get punished. They earned a dojo too for taking part and following the rules set.