Fire Engine Class 2 2017

On Friday 3rd November 2017, we were lucky enough to be visited by the fire fighters from Sedgefield Fire Station. They also brought their truck.

This was a complete surprise and we were so excited when we finally saw the large red truck. One child shouted, “It is so big!” The kind fire fighters showed us lots of different tools and equipment. We got to see the flood light that arose from the top of the fire engine. We controlled the light and made it move. A child explained, “The lights will show there’s a fire.” We even got to hold some vehicle cutters. We needed a little help because they were very heavy. Also, we got to climb into the truck itself some of us were in the back whilst others were in the front.

We tried on their helmets and played with their torches. A child said, “I got to put on the fire helmet. It was really heavy.” We were even lucky to have a go of the hose. We could change the settings, which made the water spray differently – some settings covered more, some were more powerful and others even got us wet.

Unfortunately, some children were unable to have a go at the hose. They were then treated to setting off the siren in the fire engine. This was amazing to hear whilst we were out to play.

Around this time of year – Bonfire Night – it is really important to be safe around fire so we would like to thank all the fire fighters who helped us stay safe.