Endurance Class 2

In order to become more familiar with our Christian Values, we had a whole lesson on yet another value – endurance. We discussed the meaning of endurance and realised that it means we should keep trying at things. We came up with a class chant, ‘Never Give Up!’

At any time, we thought about giving up we chanted ‘Never Give Up!’. We were set a group challenge (which also tested our friendship and team work skills) to build the tallest Numicon tower. The different groups approached the task with a different technique, some went thin and tall, others went wide and sturdy whilst others limited the amount of pegs they used. Some of the groups towers got so tall that it fell, but they never gave up and continued to build. Another group changed their design because they ran out of pegs. The winning group needed to add more support to prevent their tower from falling. It was an amazing task that showed that we are a class that will continue a task to complete it to the best of our ability. We can’t wait to show our endurance throughout the rest of the year.