Class 2 STEM Day

On Friday 6th July, we were greeted by some kind men from ‘Cummings’. They were engineers. We were extra surprised to see one of our Dads here to help. They make and fix engines for lots of different vehicles. Today, we got to do the same. We used a wooden block to help steady the base. We were then able to attach two sets of wheels matching the Lego bits up. To help speed our vehicle up, we were given two heavier blocks. We attached these where we thought they would be best suited. Then it came to the fun part. We used the Lego bricks to make our very own designs. Some of us included doors, seats, a sun roof whilst some of us really thought about how streamlined we could make it. To test our vehicles, we took them outside to the ramp. We raced our vehicles and the winner of each race made it to the semi-finals. Our final was between two vehicles and one of our cars won by a whisker. It was so fun. We would like to thank Mr Bamford and the rest of the Cummings helpers for their work with us on our very own STEM day.

My car won. It must have been very streamlined.

I made a sunroof for mine.

I used 6 wheels thinking it would be faster but it wasn’t.

I think I used too many Lego blocks. They slowed it down.

I tried to make mine pointy at the front. This makes it faster.