Science Week

Christian Value link:  Wisdom, Creation

British Value link: Mutual Respect

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child links:  Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully protect the environment and respect other people.

This week, we have celebrate science week by performing scientific enquiries into a range of interesting subjects. The experiments will also be used towards our Crest Award which we are having lots of fun completing.

This week we have conducted investigations about materials, searched for mini beasts, looked closely at plants and trees, different sounds.

We have also completed experiments relating to our environment around us by looking at pollution. The children were really shocked at the difference in water showing polluted and unpolluted air. We discussed what we could do to help our environment around us and the children created posters to show this.

We all became bees as we looked closely at pollination and why bees are important. Becoming bees was so much fun! Finally, in our last activity we looked at how we can make memories. We discussed how we learn and how the brain created and extends neurons. We got to make our very own neurons!

We have learnt how to ask scientific questions and been given lots of opportunities to test our ideas and amend our strategies.

We have loved science week!

Here are some quotes from the children.

“I think we will see more animals out in the summer.”

“Bees do a really important job.”

“I’ve had so much fun making neurons.”

“Shadows are made

by blocking the light.”