Class 2 Hand Washing

Today, we were visited by some lovey ladies, who taught us all about the importance of washing our hands!

First, we talked about why we have to wash our hands. Then, we talked about all the times of the day that we wash our hands. Next, we talked about all the things we needed to wash our hands such as soap and hot water.

Then, we talked about how to wash our hands properly making sure we get in between all our fingers and do the front and back of our hands. We learnt that we need to make sure we wash our hands for a good length of time and not just have a quick dip under the tap. To do this, the ladies told us to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice.

Finally, we put into practice what we had learnt! We washed our hands thoroughly paying close attention to in between or fingers. Then we used a special machine with a UV light to check if we had done a good enough job and got rid of all the dirt! We were all really surprised to see the results.

Thank you for showing us how to wash our hands properly!

Some quotes from the children

“Washing our hand properly helps to keep up healthy.”

“Looking at the germs on our hands under the special light was disgusting! I was so pleased when they were clean.”