Class 2 Chinese New Year

This week, we have been looking at the celebration of Chinese New Year. We have learnt that Chinese New Year is celebrated at a different time of the year than our new year and this year is the year of the pig. Some of the celebrations are similar to ours such as having family gatherings, fireworks and eating lots of food. However, we found out that some of the celebrations are a little different such as dragon dancing and the importance of the colour red.

Today, we had a very special visitor come to school. They kindly brought us some amazing Chinese food to taste. We tried; prawn crackers, spring rolls, chicken balls and curry sauce to name some items. We were all really open to trying the new foods and were surprised to find some new foods that we liked!

Then, we were given a traditional Chinese money wallet. We were all shocked to find money inside too and loved eating the chocolate coins!

Finally, we opened fortune cookies and read our fortunes!

Thank you for taking the time to make the wonderful food, we all really enjoyed it!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Some quotes from the children

“Chinese New Year is really fun!”

“I loved trying all the new food. It was delicious.”

“I like how the new years have different animals.”