Adam Bushnell

Today, we were visited by Adam Bushnell. The day started with a school assembly, where Adam selected some children to help him tell a story about a space alien! We all had so much fun listening to the story and some children from the class even got to help act it out in front of the school.

Later in the day, Adam Bushnell came into our class and we designed our very own space rockets to use in our school story.  First we looked at  examples if space rockets and even watched a rocket blast off. Then, we used our amazing imaginations to design our own. We even discussed what we would put in the space rocket and take with us into space! We were all really excited to create our own rockets and share our ideas with the class.

Finally, at the end of the day we were able to show all our hard work to the rest of the school with a whole school story. Two of our class were lucky enough to use their space rockets in the story and describe them to the whole school.

We loved our space adventure with Adam!


Some quotes from the children.

“Wow! The rockets are so big.”

“My rocket has three thrusters to make it go all the way to the moon.”

“Mine is aerodynamic to make it faster.”

“I would love to meet some aliens.”