Class 2 Judo

On Tuesday 19th June, we walked into our classroom with our PE kits ready. We were so surprised! We had a visit from British Judo. We learnt that Judo was a sport that originated from Japan. We looked closely at how best it is to move in Judo. We moved around with a wide stance and brushed our feet on their soft mats (we weren’t allowed to wear our trainers). It is really important to stay safe during Judo so we learnt how to fall safely so we can protect our head and neck. We tucked our chins in tight, fell back and slapped the floor with both our hands. They started to tingle so we knew we were doing this right. In Judo, you have to move really fast. So we played a game called ‘Dead Ants’. We listened to commands moving from our bottom to our back, onto our bellies, then onto our knees and finishing on our feet. We had to do this time and time again as the instructions got faster. By the end of it we looked exactly like dead ants.

Ian – the Judo coach – explained if we liked Judo we could attend a free taster session. If we are interested, we just need to call 01509 631 671 to find out where and when to arrive.


Here are some of the quotes from the children:

I really liked the instructor so I joined in this time.

I could move really fast.

It was so fun. I love Judo.

I want to join the Judo club.

My sister does Judo and now I want to do it.