Broth and Bread Day Class 2

Broth and Bread Day

On Thursday 18th October, we got the chance to make some bread!

We were given the flour and warm water. We had to mix it all together really carefully so we didn’t spill any of the mixtures.  It wasn’t easy work and we had a lot of aching arms.

When the mixture had all been mixed properly we were all given some of the mixture to kneed and shape the bread. We used our hands to push and pull the bread across the table to form a small ball. Finally, we put it in the oven to cook. We were amazed by how the oven made the bread rise and turn a lovely golden colour. On Friday 19th October, we opened our hall to some of our Grandparents who were here to enjoy our homemade bread and some broth for dipping. Some of us got the chance to go and see our Grandparents, and we even got to sample some of our homemade bread.

We hope you enjoyed our bread as much as we loved making it! Thank you for coming, it was a fantastic turnout and the children loved seeing you all here at school!