Bowes Museum Sweet Heart Cushions

On Tuesday 18th September, we got a visit from two ladies from Bowes who came to talk about World War 1 and they even helped us make sweetheart cushions which were really fun!

We talked about Bowes Museum first and how long it’s been around. 126 years! It’s been around a long time before we were born. We got told a story about the war that was so interesting. We got to try on army outfits that they wore in the first World War. They were really heavy and so big.

We made our sweetheart cushions next and they were so fun to make! We had to stitch the cushion ourselves which was really tricky but we got the hang of it after a while. Once we had stitched the cushion together, we got to add our own drawings and gems onto the cushion to make it look pretty. This was one of the most fun activities we did in the afternoon.


“My favourite bit of the afternoon was making the cushions, I had such a good time”

“Bowes Museum sounds brilliant I’d love to go!”

“I can’t wait to use my Sweetheart cushion”