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Today, the whole school went on a trip to Beamish! It was so exciting seeing all the buses waiting to take us all there.

When we got off the bus, we went straight to the put village to explore. Our first stop was the mine! We all had to wear a hard hat to protect out heads. As we made our way down through the mine it go lower and lower. Our guide told us that children as young as us were used to get into the the small spaces. He also told us where the toilets in the mines were, which we were all shocked to find out and avoided the puddles on the way back out.

Then, we had a look in the houses and saw how people would have decorated their houses and what they would have used when they had no money. Our next stop was the school where we had a good look around the classrooms and looked at what the children would have used. It was all very different compared to our IWBs and whiteboards! For playtime, we played with the hoop and stick game. It was really tricky but some of us managed to use it.

After lunch, it was time for our activity. We all went into a cottage where we were told the story of The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter and we all got to join in! We had so much fun helping to tell the story. At the end, we played a game of hid the thread and we had to sing twinkle twinkle as a clue.

Finally, we went to see the Christmas tree and the reindeer who were resting ahead of they upcoming busy night!

We had a fantastic time!