Beamish Museum Class 2

Beamish Museum

On Tuesday 16th October, Class 2 visited Beamish Museum. The trip began with a long bus ride all the way to the museum. We then split up into two groups one going on the tram and one walking to the village part of the museum. The tram took us to the town centre back in time. We met up with an women who told us all about her son George who had left for war that year.  She missed him so much that she wanted to send him a parcel and a letter. It was our job to go around all the shops to buy the things using the old money and help write the letter.

The other group got to look around the old village and find out what it was like to live in the Victorian times. We went to the school and played with the toys as well as sitting in the classroom. There were lots of people around who answered our questions and told us lots of facts.

After lunch, the two groups swapped over and we even had time to go down the mine. We had so much fun and learned so much. We even got to keep the parcels that we made. Thank you so much Beamish, we had a great day!