Fair Trade Fortnight Class 2

For Fair Trade fortnight, the children have enjoyed bringing money into school to buy fair trade products over the two weeks. In class 2 we have talked about the importance of fair trade and acted out fair trades within class. On the first week the children watched a video about banana farmers. The children were interested in how bananas make their journey to the shops in the UK. The children then drew around their hands (to show our hand to fair trade) and listed the journey that bananas take from being planted to stocking the shelves in our supermarkets.

On the second week, we based our fair trade around Martin Luther King Jr “Before you finish eating breakfast on a morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world.”
The children discussed the types of things they eat and drink for breakfast before making their very own fair trade breakfast. The children tucked into muesli, bananas, chocolate spread and drank cups of tea and hot chocolate.