Class 2 OASES

On Thursday 5th November, the school had an expert gardener, Clare, from OASES come into school to work with the children. The children in Class 2 were given information on the food they would be planting, the health and safety instructions and then they were put into groups to plant some onions.
The children were shown how to prepare the soil and they asked and answered questions about why bonemeal was added to the soil. They used trowels to turn the soil over and prepare it. The children then used a ruler to measure out where each onion would be planted. They took turns to make a hole in the earth and plant the onion, with it’s roots facing downwards.
The children then made signs to g into the raised bed so that others will know what we have planted and they also made ‘bird scarers’ out of CDs, to hang up around our raised beds to protect out new plants.