Class 2 Adam Bushnell Summer

On Thursday 5th July, Adam Bushnell came in to visit our school. We always look forward to his fun and interactive lessons and this was no different. The day began with a special assembly where he told us a story of the Prince(ess) Bishop defeating a terrible hog that was killing all of the villagers.

After dinner, he came into our class and we were learning about the 1966 World Cup. We first listened to some rather posh commentary which was very different to what we listen to now. Then, after watching a quick clip we created our own commentary of the spectacular event. Some of us read out our fabulous commentary which included some key words which helped to order our work.

As always, we loved to have Adam in school and we can’t wait to see him again in September. Thank you Adam!

I love Adam Bushnell.

The girl hog mask was so funny.

I watched this game with my dad.