Christmas Party Class 2

Today was our Christmas party day, we were all so excited because we knew there was a big surprise. All we got told was for us to turn up in our ‘active wear’. We had an early lunch whilst the adults set up and we stayed at school until 4.15. Finally the adults opened the doors and there was a carousel of activities for us. We started off playing ‘twister’. It was so funny. People kept falling over. Even Mr Houghton, Miss Livsey and Mr Hart joined in. We then moved to the next room which had a ‘life size’ game of operation. We had to be very careful to save the man’s life. We then moved to a reaction game where we worked as a team to see how quick we could hit the lights. It was so quick and we had to keep up. Suddenly, it was our time to go to the hall. We were all so excited because we saw a ‘bucking Rudolph’ it was huge. Some of us needed a bump up to get on top. We held on so tight to try and stay on but he was slippy and he started to move faster. We were also treated to popcorn and cotton candy. It was delicious. Finally we moved to the last room where we had more games and challenges. We had to show how steady we could be on the electric wire whilst we showed how accurate we were with our throwing by trying to get a ball through a hole or into a bucket and try and get the hoops onto the hooks. It was tricky but we never gave up. We finished the day with a nice sit down whilst enjoying our hotdog, crisps and drinks before we got picked up for home. We will definitely sleep well tonight.

One child said, “I loved throwing the ball and hoops. I kept on scoring.” Another said, “I got the ball through the hole.”