Butterfly World & Preston Park Museum

On Wednesday 23rd May, we were very excited for our school trip to Preston Park. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to visit Butterfly World and the Preston Park Museum. We started our visit in Butterfly World where we watched a video showing us the different types of butterfly that they had. They had over 100 types of butterfly and each butterfly had its own species of plant. It was amazing to see all of the different colours, shapes and sizes. Next, the kind gentlemen told us lots about the development of the egg into a butterfly. We were told butterflies lay over 100 eggs in their life time but some of these get eaten so it is very lucky if an egg hatches. Here are some of the facts we learnt:

  • They have bones on the outside
  • They shed their skin
  • They have 17000 eyes
  • The smell with the antennae
  • They use bright colours to protect themselves from predators. This shows them they are poisonous.

Afterwards, we walked around. It was so warm inside because they had lots of tropical butterflies. We saw lots of different types of butterfly, the rotten banana that attracted them, chrysalis, we fed fish, we saw some meerkats, held a butterfly and looked at lots of different reptiles.

After lunch time – where we had a huge picnic in the park and played football – we split up into groups and walked around the Victorian museum. We played with their toys, went into their shops including a sweet shop, a chemist, police station, clothes shop and a blacksmiths. We got to try on their clothing and compare our things to theirs. Things have changed so much over the years.

We had so much fun and would like to thank our teachers and the Friends of the School for this trip.


Here are some of the things the children said:

  •  Butterflies eat nectar until they have enough energy.
  •  I thought it would be loads of old stuff but it was so cool.
  •  I loved playing with their toys.
  •  I looked funny all dressed up.