Smile C2 2016

On Friday 7th October, it was National Smile Day. We were visited by a team of dentists – Chris, Jackie and Adele. We learnt that we used our teeth for chewing, biting, eating and SMILING. We focused on how we could look after our teeth. Having looked at each other’s mouths, we found that we had to look after our gums and tongue too.

Top tips we learnt:
– Visit a dentist regularly
– Drink lots of water and milk
– Eat lots of vegetables and fruit (only fruit with our meals)
– Brush our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes.

Healthy snacks that we could eat include: cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks.

In our lifetime, we have two sets of teeth – baby teeth and adult teeth. We need to take care of both sets of teeth to keep our mouth healthy.  We should not rinse after brushing our teeth so the toothpaste can work its magic.

Brushing tips:
– Use a small brush with compact bristles
– Fluoride toothpaste should be used (this makes our teeth hard).
– A timer will help us stick to 2 minutes.
– Brush in a circular motion.

Some children in our class got up in front of the class and brushed the 32 teeth of Ziggy. They must be adults because children only have 20 teeth. We realised that 2 minutes was quite a long time.

We finished this day by discussing what makes us SMILE in P4C. We realised by doing stuff we like, working hard to succeed and being helpful to the people around us all makes us happy. We listened to Pharrel Williams’ happy song to help us think.