Anti-Bullying Class 2

On Monday 14th November, we were visited by Rachel who came in to our school to improve our awareness of bullying through role-play. We got to do lots of warm up activities to get us ready to act. We had to show fantastic listening skills to understand all of this information.

We were asked questions and we had to decide whether the answer should be yes or no. Here are some of our responses to the questions:

  • Should we go play with someone during playtime who is feeling alone? – Yes, we don’t want them to be alone.
  • If you see somebody in trouble, should you go help them? – Yes and No, we don’t want to help somebody who hasn’t done as they were meant to but if they are unsafe, we should go tell a teacher to help.
  • It is ok to call somebody a name if you are only joking? – Most people said no because calling people names could upset them.
  • If somebody is  nasty about you it is better to tell a friend than a teacher? – Most people said no because this means less people would be involved and it would get resolved quicker.
  • If you ignore man people they will go away? – This was a split decision because ignoring them will stop it from upsetting you but it will not help the problem go away.

As the session went on, we read a story called ‘Is it because?’ We found out that Peregrine frog was not very nice. We know exactly how to be nice so we helped him. He walked down our conscience alley and we gave him advice including: smile, grab a friend, ask a teacher politely, be kind, giving money, be joyful, share, not to be offended easily and give out hugs.

A key theme with today’s lesson was ‘Friendship’. We all have a great idea of how to be fantastic friends and will be looking to show them especially throughout this week.