Advent Challenge 1 Class 2

As we prepare for Christmas, we are all used to eating the chocolates on our advent calendar. This year in class 2 we are doing something different. Each morning, Mr Houghton reads us part of the bible and we choose a challenge for the day. Here are the challenges we have completed so far. This has shown us how often we show good Christian values like, creation, endurance, koinonia, friendship, wisdom and justice.

Day 1 – Hold the door open for someone

A child said, “I am a door monitor so I showed patience today by holding the door for all my class.”

Day 2 – Buy flowers for someone

A child said, “I like picking flowers for my teachers and friends”

Day 3 – Do someone’s washing up

A child said, “At the end of the day, I like to wash the water bottles so they are clean for us the next day”

Day 4 – Be quick to forgive when people hurt or frustrate you today

A child said, – “I bumped my head off Layton’s head today. We are still friends so I showed forgiveness.”

Day 5 – Stop yourself every time you go to interrupt someone today

A child said, “Today I tried really hard to not shout out and interrupt my friends and teachers”

Day 6 – Seek out someone who is lonely and arrange to spend time with them

A child said, “I saw someone playing by themselves at play time. We played together for the rest of the play time”

Day 7 – Arrange to go carolling or sing at an old people’s home. Why not order our carol booklets?

Everyone said, “We are practising really hard for our Nativity. We can’t wait to impress our parents and grandparents.”

Day 8 – Say three kind things today

A child said, – “I told someone I liked their hair.” Another child said, “I told someone that they are really good at football.”

Day 9 – Hand make a card for your boss, teacher or church leader

A child said, “I love making cards. I made one for Mr Houghton and Miss Suffield.”

Day 10 – Leave a Christmas card on your bins for the refuse collectors

A child said, “I have made a Christmas card for the bin men. They help keep our school clean and tidy.”

Day 11 – Smile and say hello to people you pass on the street

A child said, “I like to cheer people up in the school with my smile.”